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Fleet of Vehicles

Our fleet consists of 55 vehicle units providing maximum variability upon customer's request. We offer transports of goods ranging from 1 EURO pallet to 38 EURO pallets, from part-load consignments to large-volume cargoes up to 120 m3. Majority of vehicles, i.e. single vehicles and light and heavy trains and sets of trucks with semi-trailers, are of platform design. A part of our fleet comprises special cooling semi-trailers, co called coolers, equipped with integral isothermal bodies insulated with heat transfer coefficient k= 0,3 W.m-2.K-1 and refrigerator aggregates used for haulage of frozen foods with possibility of air conditioning as required.

We provide a wide variability of our fleet based on possible combinations of our transport means ranging from single vehicles through light trains to heavy trucks and trains with capacities up to 120 m3 and 38 EURO pallets.

Our semi-trailers and heavy platform trains can be divided into two following groups:

The first group comprises particularly vehicles equipped with classical sidewalls and tarpaulin, rope, eyed bars etc. according to applicable TIR regulations. These vehicles are, of course, equipped with sliding tarpaulins for crane loading of goods. The second group comprises vehicles with independently sliding tarpaulin on sides and roof, called "Curtain Sider" (or "Scheibeplane" in German). These vehicles can load cargoes up to 2,48 - 2,55 m wide. Our heaviest vehicles have inner loading heights up to 3,00 m with possible lifting of roof part while loading or unloading the goods.

Two drivers are always in every crew of our heaviest vehicles, providing also express shipments due to maximum safety and flexibility.

All trucks are provided with mobile phones, radio stations and GPS modules (Global Positioning System). This all provides instantaneous and permanent monitoring of vehicle positions and in this way also goods from loading up to a delivery point and to a final consignee. Our monitoring equipment brings detailed and exact information concerning time schedule, geographical data, covered distance and driving time. All our vehicles are monitored on the central control board in the dispatcher's room. Based on this fact we are able to provide our customers with exact and detailed data concerning their particular shipment.

Outfits and other accessories of another group of our semi-trailers, isothermal vans and large-volume trains in accordance with ADR regulations are a matter of course. It provides maximum flexibility and optimum approach to needs of our customers.

All trucks in our fleet represent the brand DAF.

As far as possible, our company puts maximum stress on environment protection.

That is the reason we continuously renew and complete our fleet with new vehicles. Based on this fact we have achieved results showing that 50% of our vehicles comply with European emission standards EURO 5 and 50% EURO 6.

For all vehicles in service we have concluded a liability insurance contract in accordance with CMR regulations amounting to CZK 10.000.000,-.

All our drivers have to undergo regular training courses on professional qualification and work safety. Drivers of vehicles under ADR regulations undergo regular special training focused on international transport of dangerous substances.

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